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Where would you rank the Golden State Warriors dynasty (2014 – present) in terms of all-time great NBA dynasties?

they rank #5 in my dynasties list. Here’s my top 10 dynasties

  1. 1957–1969 Boston Celtics (11 rings, 12 Finals appearances)
  2. 1991–1998 Chicago Bulls (6 rings, 6 Finals appearances)
  3. 1980–1991 LA Lakers (5 rings, 9 Finals appearances)
  4. 1999–2014 San Antonio Spurs (5 rings, 6 Finals appearances)
  5. 2015–present Golden State Warriors (3 rings, 4 Finals appearances with another coming up it seems)
  6. 1981–1987 Boston Celtics (3 rings, 5 Finals appearances)
  7. 1962–1973 LA Lakers (1 ring, 9 Finals appearances)
  8. 2000–2004 LA Lakers (3 rings, 4 Finals appearances)
  9. 2011–2014 Miami Heat (2 rings, 4 Finals appearances)
  10. 1988–1990 Detroit Pistons (2 rings, 3 Finals appearances) / 1970–1973 New York Knicks (2 rings, 3 Finals appearances) (tied)

Is the just-deceased John Havlicek one of the 25 best NBA players ever?

Absolutely. John Havlicek is one of the most underrated players I think. Here are some facts about him:

-stats: 21/6/5 (one of the most well rounded players ever and a point forward before it existed)
-8x champion and 8–0 in the Finals (yes a better record than Jordan!)
-Finals MVP
-13x All star
-11x All-NBA
-8x All-Defensive

-He was the best two way forward before Scottie Pippen and Kawhi Leonard came on the scene.

-He was one of the most clutch players ever. “Havlicek steals the ball!” is one of the most memorable moments in NBA Finals history

-A consummate teammate and team player, never putting his ego above anyone else’s

-part of two completely different Celtics teams.. the Russell driven team of the 60s and the Cowens driven team of the 70s.

-one of the five best white players in NBA history

-one of the top 7 small forwards in NBA history

-one of the three best Celtics ever

-probably the greatest sixth man in NBA history (sorry Manu and McHale)

-He’s the 18th greatest player of all time to me, right behind Durant and ahead of Pettit

Can you name all the players in the NBA who averaged 30 plus points in a season?



Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Wilt Chamberlain

Walt Bellamy


Karl Malone

Bob McAdoo

Bob Pettit

Spencer Haywood (ABA)

Dan Issel (ABA)


Kevin Durant

Lebron James

Elgin Baylor

Adrian Dantley

Bernard King

Dominique Wilkins

Jack Twyman

Julius Erving (ABA)

Connie Hawkins (ABA)


Michael Jordan

Jerry West

Tracy McGrady

James Harden

Dwayne Wade

Kobe Bryant

World B Free

Allen Iverson

George Gervin

Pete Maravich


Stephen Curry

Oscar Robertson

Tiny Archibald

Russell Westbrook

Wilt Chamberlain has the highest season average (50 pts/game) while Michael Jordan scored 30 or more points in the most seasons (8 seasons)