Why is toggling a search box in a header so difficult in Angular 2?

In Angular 2 I have the following pseduocode… … As you can see I have a header with a search form container that has the class ‘visible’ when the variable ‘showSearch’ is true, and ‘invisible’ otherwise. As a component by itself with this html, this works fine. When the user clicks the search icon showSearch […]

Unit Tests in Angular 2

Recently at my new company, Spigit, I’ve started on working on unit testing. Now, previously I’ve done unit testing and end to end testing using NighwatchJS at Walmart Labs. And now with my new project, I have to use Angular 2. After working with Angular 2 for a few months now and ReactJS last year, […]

Integrating payments into a web application

If you ever make a web application, and you want it to make money, sooner or later you have to deal with integrating a payment system. Here at BitTorrent Bundles, I’ve been tasked with integrating a payment system with our product, and it’s been hell to deal with. Once you deal with payments, you have […]