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  • Which one is actually better, CD or vinyl?

    As with a lot of things, it depends on individual preference. CDs never degrade in quality, take up less space and are easier to take care of. However for me it’s Vinyl. And the reason why is this (none of them related to sound quality btw): -LPs are bigger than CDs so LP covers are inherently […]

  • Which are your top ten favourite kpop songs?

    I actually made a top 40. Lol These are probably the 10 I listened to the most overall: IU – Blueming 2. Red Velvet – Bad Boy 3. TWICE – Heart Shaker 4. BLACKPINK – As if it’s your last 5. Girls Generation – Gee 6. APINK – Mr […]

  • What is your opinion on Blackpink’s song ‘Pink Venom’?

    It’s a very mediocre song. I listened to it and basically forgot how it sounds like just a few minutes later. That’s how you know it wasn’t a very good song. To be honest as a general fan of kpop not any girl group in particular, BlackPink’s best songs were during their first 3 years […]