Why did Kentucky Fried Chicken get so bad?

Because their recipe and ingredients have changed substantially since Sanders sold the company, a fact often remarked upon by Colonel Sanders, himself.

Instead ,there are a variety of ways you can get the “original” KFC taste:

  1. Go to Claudia Sanders restaurant. American Restaurant Shelbyville, KY this restaurant is the successor of Colonel Sanders original restaurant in Corbin and serves the same fried chicken recipe as the original, supposedly.
  2. Try Lee’s Famous Chicken. Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken Lee Cummings was the nephew of Colonel Sanders, and his recipe is a derived version of his uncle’s original recipe.
  3. Try Marion-Kay 99-X chicken seasoning. Sanders himself asked Marion-Kay to recreate his recipe. “While alive, Sanders recommended the Marion-Kay seasoning to franchisees over the corporate version, as he believed the latter had been made inferior by its owners[1] ” This recipe was considered as close to the original recipe as you could get, and after Sanders died, KFC barred Marion-Kay from selling the seasoning to their franchisees.





Why don’t we have flying cars?

The question isn’t that whether or not we can build flying cars – actually flying cars have been built since the 1900s the dawn of cars and planes (isn’t it surprising that planes and cars were invented almost around the same time? given flying is much more difficult than driving?)

Aerocar – Wikipedia Moulton Taylor built one of the best first flying cars in 1949 – improved upon the design of the Airphibian with actual folding wings – and it actually worked, looked decent, was durable enough and was certified by the CAA. But he couldn’t get Ford to mass produce it.

there’s two very good reasons why manufacturers have stayed away from flying cars and why we don’t have them en masse:

  1. In order to make a flying vehicle safe enough to fly, you would have to compromise on its effectiveness as a road vehicle, and in order to make a road vehicle safe enough to drive, you would have to compromise on its effectiveness as a flying vehicle. Basically, it would be a compromise all around, would not satisfy the safety requirements of either space, and would be expensive as hell.
  2. the actual logistics of this. In The Jetsons you can see people flying cars in separate air lanes on the way to work and stuff. That’s not really possible in reality. Pilots already have to go through much heavier certification requirements than road drivers do. And they have to pilot the plane in a certain airspace in order to comply with laws and to avoid crashing into other planes. Now imagine your everyday driver, who already have road rage problems or problems driving on the road imagine thousands of normal people in the air piloting planes. That would be chaos!! Adding that extra dimension of movement – can you imagine how many accidents would happen? Not only given the ability to crash from the ground but the ability to crash down from the air too? given how many road accidents we have already? Geez. And oh yeah, let’s not forget about the noise too. Aircrafts make noise – much more so than cars do. Imagine 1000s of them in the air above you and thinking any of them could come down and guillotine you at any time. Not exactly anxiety-reducing.

What’s wrong with the Star Wars sequels?

Well here’s my main gripes with all 3 movies in a nutshell.

The Force Awakens

-the big problem is its a rehash of A New Hope and wasn’t very innovative or creative.

-Starkiller Base, yeah that got destroyed faster than the first Death Star and nobody blinks an eye.

-The First Order, where did they come from? how did they get so powerful?

-Why isn’t Finn dead from being slashed with a lightsaber? How come he could wield a lightsaber?

-Why is Rey so powerful?

The Last Jedi

-all the plot threads set up in TFA were abandoned. Rey’s parents were nobodies. Snoke was just some guy. Luke throws his lightsaber away.

-things that looked visually cool but didn’t make any sense; Leia surviving in space, Holdo maneuver etc

-TLJ version of Luke is widely criticized by most fans as being out of character

-all the Rose/Finn parts of the movie

-Why is Rey so powerful?

The Rise of Skywalker

-too many things go unexplained. How did Palpatine survive? How did he get his large army? Why did he create multiple Snokes? How did the Death Star II survive in that explosion? Anakin’s lightsaber is repaired now? There’s a bunch of Sith spectators now? Who? What? How?

-fake out ‘deaths’ like Chewie and C3POs memory wipe.

-Finn never got to tell Rey something. Chekov’s Gun anyone?

-Rey and Kylo kiss. Why?

-Why is Rey so powerful? and learning ridiculous force abilities that we have never seen before out of nowhere

Out of the three, The Force Awakens was the best cause it had the least flaws and The Last Jedi is easily the worst because not only did it ruin the Force Awakens by discarding all those plot threads, but it also set up the Rise of Skywalker for failure.

Rey is one of the most uninteresting main characters I’ve ever come across. Has very little personality, little explanation for why she’s so flawless and powerful, very unrelatable as a result, very one dimensional, steals everything from Luke (his lightsaber, home, x-wing, even his name at the end), really wished that they would have turned her into the dark side for real (too bad it was just a brief illusion) and let her die instead of Kylo. Disney, please look to Ahsoka Tano for a female main character with an actual relatable personality. Why wasn’t she the protagonist instead of this Rey person?

Kylo was the most interesting character of the trilogy. Finn could have been the most interesting character but they sidelined him in favor of new characters that were not necessary.

I feel like the thing that makes the sequel trilogy really fail is the lack of a cohesive storyline. Even though George Lucas is a terrible director, at least he wrote a somewhat coherent storyline for the prequels and made them all tie in with each other. the sequels feels like JJ and Rian were fighting with each other on the storyline and that really hurts it. They should have had either JJ or Rian (but not both) direct the entire trilogy.