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  • Which are the most underrated PC video games?

    I’m going to mention a few beloved games I played and I think should be experienced by more people. Traffic Department 2192 (1994) This game has one of the most insane sci-fi stories I’ve ever played through. Aliens, Cyborgs, mind control, clones, betrayal, etc it’s all here. The gameplay itself is a bit repetitive […]

  • Why are online services on gaming consoles paid as opposed to free online on PC?

    PC online gaming at one point, used to be paid. The early days of online gaming was indeed monetized through subscription service ^ like TEN for example. This is because they can provide less latency than the common dialup connections of the time. FYI Ten’s very 1990s website is STILL up and able […]

  • What is the most universally acclaimed Hollywood film?

    I’m not sure how we are judging universal acclaim, is it by Rotten Tomatoes score or Metacritic or what? Anyways I think I will mention a few films that are universally regarded as some of the greatest Hollywood films of all time (and yes I have watched all of these and do highly recommend them): […]

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