Basic Korean Expressions

First, let’s start off by learning some of the basic Korean expressions. BASIC EXPRESSIONS WORD TRANSLATION 안녕하세요 HI, HELLO 감사합니다 THANK YOU, THANKS 고맙습니다 THANK YOU, THANKS 네 YES, YEAH 아니요 NO 맞아요 YES, CORRECT 안녕히 계세요 GOODBYE (TO PERSON WHO IS STAYING) 안녕히 가세요 GOODBYE (TO PEOPLE WHO ARE LEAVING) 죄송합니다 SORRY 미안합니다 SORRY… Continue reading Basic Korean Expressions

Basic Korean Vocabulary

Ok, now let’s learn some basic vocabulary. Here a list of some basic Korean vocabulary that you might find helpful. BASIC VOCABULARY WORD TRANSLATION 이 THIS 그 THAT (CLOSE) 저 THAT (FAR) 나 I,ME 저 I,ME (FORMAL) 나의,내 MY,MINE 저의,제 MY,MINE (FORMAL) 너, 자네 YOU 당신 YOU (FORMAL) 너의,네,니 YOUR 우리 WE,US 저희 WE,US (FORMAL)… Continue reading Basic Korean Vocabulary

Basic Korean Nouns

Ok, it’s time to learn some basic Korean nouns. These are nouns that you will commonly use in Korean. Sometimes multiple nouns have the same meaning in English, or vice versa. BASIC WORDS WORD TRANSLATION 것,거 THING 사람 PERSON 친구 FRIEND 분 PERSON (FORMAL) 시간 TIME 년 YEAR 남자 MAN,BOY 여자 WOMAN,GIRL 날,하루,일 DAY 세계… Continue reading Basic Korean Nouns