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California Dreamin’

The Golden State:

Drivin on the 101 under the sun, California here we come
Drivin on the 101 under the sun, California here we come

A goal that I’ve always had since I had been living in Canada so long is to live and work in California.

Why there? many reasons, often the reasons that most people have for chasing that dream: Warm beaches, palm trees, land of hollywood and silicon valley, porn movies, hot asian chicks and wine (those last three go very well together).

But another reason may be because despite what many people say about it being expensive to live there, it actually isn’t that much more expensive than living in Toronto.  Allow me to make a comparison:

Based on data from Wikipedia, Cost of living by state and Gas Buddy, here is a comparison of the basic necessities (gas, rent, food, insurance) as well as the average annual income (all in USD btw) to see how much you save.

Cost of living (avg) Cost of living in California Cost of living in Ontario (USD)
Rent/mo $1265 $863
Gas/mo $82 $111
Insurance/mo $153 $121
Food/mo $150 $125
Salary/Annual Income $60,000 $56,000
Annual savings $40,200 $41,360

So living in California might not be more expensive; it might actually be cheaper due to the lower taxes you pay in the US. All in all though, this is a long term goal and I hope that after the economy recovers, there might be a better chance of me settling there.

Cant wait to watch this sunset in person ^_^
Can't wait to watch this sunset in person ^_^