Plans for the future


Well the new decade is upon us and I’ll call this my New Decade Resolutions, if you will =).

Well I’d like to state that I’m currently 21, and on an IT related internship which will finish by this years end. I’m in my 4th year of university. I am 5 credits short of graduating but here’s my plans:

Short term (achieve by 2012):
-This year, be accepted into the commerce program.
-Achieve a 2.8+ GPA when I graduate (by 2012 I hope).
-Secure research/global internship opportunities during the 2010-2011 school year.
-Be in a lot of executive leadership/involvement roles by time I graduate.

Intermediate term (achieve by 2020):
-Find a job in California that has good pay, good benefits and sponsor me for a green card.
-Become a US citizen.
-Go to a decent American graduate school for an MBA.

Long term (2020+)
-Financially secure.
-Start my own business.
-Work for American Military.
-Volunteer for Peace Corps.

All of this I hope to achieve by 2020. Only time will tell if that happens, a lot of it fate and luck and a lot of it is hard work and taking risks. Life isn’t easy, but as JFK once said “I don’t shrink from this responsibility, I welcome it” =).