Been a dissapointing week…

I tend to think of myself as a pretty unlucky individual, that somehow I’m always in the wrong place at the wrong time, and this week was no exception.

I stayed up 24 hours on Monday to finish CSC373 which was due Tuesday. I got the assignment back today, and the mark was very dissapointing. I found out that my group (me and my friend) received 27/100 in our assignment, which was bumped up to 37 after. Regardless, I still dropped it. Don’t know how they marked it because I tried to follow their spec, not my fault it was on a pdf and vague as hell. In addition, my 301 group completely rewrote my code, meaning my hours spent writing it was worthless. Again, not my fault, I was working on 373 earlier this week and had to take a nap, and here they are accusing me of not being part of the team. Wasn’t I the one that was sending out the emails?

Anyways, hope to get this portfolio up and running soon.