Is there any good audio equipment still made in the USA?

Audio is actually still one of the sole remaining industries of which a significant portion is still made and/or assembled in America, especially the high end brands. The List – American Made Audio In addition to alot of the good answers here about home and portable audio, I would also like to add that as a […]

Who is a historical figure that’s seen as a hero in one culture but as a villain in another?

There’s lots… Vladimir Lenin is seen as as hero in Russia but a villain in the West Kim Il Sung is the eternal leader of North Korea and worshipped there, but a villain everywhere else Mao Zedong is seen as mostly a good figure in Chinese culture, but a mass murderer in the West Che […]

What is the best team in the past 15 years should have won a championship but didn’t?

-2000 Portland Trailblazers (lost to Lakers in 7) -2002 Sacramento Kings (lost to Lakers in 7, controversially) -2005 Detroit Pistons (lost to Spurs in 7) -2006 Dallas Mavericks (lost to Heat in 6) -2008 Los Angeles Lakers (lost to Celtics in 7) -2011 Miami Heat (lost to Mavericks in 6) -2013 San Antonio Spurs (lost […]