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General Programming

Finished the blog template…

The blog template is finished…it took me a while to make this wordpress theme, but surprisingly this template already had alot of similarities. I still have yet to make the rest of the pages, but they are on their way. Tomorrow is going to be dedicated to 373…I am hoping for 60s in that course, thats how bad it is lol. I’ll be lucky if I survive that midterm next monday. I also have an interview right before it. Well, sometimes we all have to face our fears I suppose…more updates will be up once I finish templates for the other pages, I have to get wordpress to play nicely with multiple sidebars.


Been a dissapointing week…

I tend to think of myself as a pretty unlucky individual, that somehow I’m always in the wrong place at the wrong time, and this week was no exception.

I stayed up 24 hours on Monday to finish CSC373 which was due Tuesday. I got the assignment back today, and the mark was very dissapointing. I found out that my group (me and my friend) received 27/100 in our assignment, which was bumped up to 37 after. Regardless, I still dropped it. Don’t know how they marked it because I tried to follow their spec, not my fault it was on a pdf and vague as hell. In addition, my 301 group completely rewrote my code, meaning my hours spent writing it was worthless. Again, not my fault, I was working on 373 earlier this week and had to take a nap, and here they are accusing me of not being part of the team. Wasn’t I the one that was sending out the emails?

Anyways, hope to get this portfolio up and running soon.