Asian girls dating White guys

This used to be a topic that I used to argue quite passionately about, but has since died down. However, it came up today as a passionate discussion in a meetup group that I belong to, as well as a forum topic, and a topic my brother brought up. Yes, its the topic that is guarantee to incite some heated debates: White guys dating Asian girls.

So why is this such a hot topic? Why does it incite such passionate debate amongst Asian men? Well I think the root of it all is that whenever we (Asian men) see an Asian girl dating a White guy, the Asian girl is assumed to be: 1) Self hating of her race, 2) With the white guy based solely on his race or money, and the White guy assumed to have yellow fever (fetish for Asian girls).

So, at one time, I too used to be angry whenever I saw a white guy + asian girl together making out or holding hands or whatever, especially if it was a pretty Asian girl. I mean, why did she choose to be with him? Why not an Asian guy like me? What does he have that I don’t besides the skin color? But later this feeling died down because I realized several things.

1) If you want her, go for her.
If you are shy, of course another dude is gonna come over and take her. If you are so afraid of a caucasian male taking that Asian female, then step up your game and flirt with her, ask her out. Why wait for your fear to come true? Make a move before he does.

2) Some Asian girls are going to have a preference for White men. Deal with it.
Some girls, whether its Media bias or some other reason (historically, AF-WM are featured everywhere from John Lennon-Yoko Ono to Harry Potter-Cho Chang), just have a strong preference for white guys. And maybe they are racist for having that preference. But so what, a lot of Asian guys are racist too for only wanting to date Asian girls. In the end, it’s their choice and you should respect that.

3) Who cares?
Yeah, so you see a lot of White male – Asian female couples. So what? How many Asian females are out there? billions. Point is, there’s plenty of Asian females out there. It’s a waste of time getting jealous or thinking its unjust that they date another race. Because in the end, there is still obviously more Asian couples than interracial couples.

That post was directed towards mostly other Asian men who get riled up about this topic. To Asian girls: It’s your decision but don’t date a caucasian guy because you think they have “better genetics, taller, better looking, make prettier babies and “Bigger” etc“. Date them for who they are. Because that’s a generalization, and if you ever date people based on expectations, you’ll almost surely be disappointed.

Edit: I found this interesting: according to this article, we’re all subconsciously racist. Everyone likes white guys, but no one likes black women.