Are there any cheaper jackets that are as good as Canada Goose?

Canada Goose and Moose Knuckle have both become extremely overpriced luxury brands seeking to capitalize on 1) Chinese spenders and 2) young people who care more about brand and style than value

Moose Knuckle Ballistic Bomber – $1000 – 650 Fill Power

Canada Goose Chiliwack Bomber – $1150 – 625 Fill Power


You see these two jackets for example? Both retail for $1k+ and have 600 – 650 Fill Power for their down bombers


Eddie Bauer Superior Down Jacket – $180 – 650 Fill Power

Woods Worthington Down Bomber – $200 – 600 Fill Power

Both the Eddie Bauer and the Woods offer comparable Fill Power for a fraction of the cost.

So why does Canada Goose and Moose Knuckle cost way more for the same technical specs? Marketing.

Both of these brands rely on the luxury positioning of their items, especially the ‘made in Canada’ aspect. A lot of Western luxury companies do this. They want to make people believe that made in the West is better quality.

But here’s the truth: How many times have you bought something that was made in China, made in Vietnam, made in Thailand, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala etc actually die on you?

For me, the vast majority of my clothes, regardless of where its made, have not fallen apart.

So that’s why articles like this:

are complete BS with lines like “Are these jackets worth the price? Are they worth the price when considering the quality? Absolutely! They are some of the most durable jackets available, said to last for decades, and their insulation is like no other.”

I have made in Korea shirts that I bought back in 2013 that are still perfectly wearable today, meanwhile I have made in USA True Religion jeans that have fallen apart after 2 years. I have made in China shirts that I bought from YesStyle back in 2009 that are still perfectly fine today.

Also, insulation like no other? lol.

Here’s a $100 (USD) Woods Parka that has a whopping 800 Fill Power.

Meanwhile this $1200 USD Canada Goose Expedition Parka with a measly 650 Fill Power lol

**There’s a common myth that made in Western country is better quality than made in Asia/poor country and that’s not true. Yes Western countries may have better quality control but thats nowhere worth the multiple times cost you will pay for them. People keep justifying their luxury purchases with ‘yes its expensive but its worth it!’ act like made in Asia products disintegrate as soon as you touch them or something – which is not true.**

and that’s what allows Moose Knuckle, Canada Goose, along with Gucci, Chanel, Prada, LV, Hermes etc to charge their ridiculous prices, is based on the whole luxury item made in rich country positioning.