Are South Koreans arrogant and superficial as they say to be?

No, not in general. I find Koreans to be actually quite humble about themselves and perhaps insecure as well. You gotta understand Korea is a very Confucian country and has a strict hierarchy. As a general rule you cannot show arrogance to your boss or higher ups, it’s not tolerated. You must show humility.

Most Koreans live cookie cutter lives where they are expected to study all day as a student and work all day as an adult. When I suggested to my Korean friends to start their own company, or work abroad, they were too scared to take any risks like that and lacked any confidence in their English, also most Koreans are very loyal to their parents and don’t like to be far away from them.

Do most Koreans think they are better than Chinese/Japanese? For that I don’t think so because in general Koreans don’t really care about geopolitics. Many Chinese pre-occupy themselves so much with making enemies with Koreans/Japanese but for Koreans they are mostly apathetic to that. I’ve never heard Koreans say that their country is the best, merely they have pride in their country (but that is normal for any country’s citizens). So I must say I don’t think Koreans are arrogant at all. Even the most beautiful girls I met in Seoul or Busan would not generalize and say that their women are better than Chinese/Japanese women.

On the other hand I have experienced quite the opposite with another certain group of people Tong Zou’s answer to Are the Chinese people losing their natural humility and turning arrogant?

As for superficial, in the appearance sense yes Koreans are superficial. They will judge you on your hair, your clothes, your style, your makeup, etc. In the materialistic sense, not really. Not as much as Chinese are anyways. I’ve never had any Korean girl ask me about my salary (many Chinese girls do this to me), nor are they interested in what brands or stuff I wear or what car I drive. None of my ex-girlfriends cared about that at all. So I must say that Koreans are superficial but not as materialistic as people believe.

Keep in mind, people like to call me a Korean sympathizer or a Chinese traitor or whatever (most recently I shared a post on my profile talking about how China boycotting Korean goods because of the THAAD was an extremely petty move and got hate for it from Chinese people), but if you look at all my answers, I always write what I believe to be the truth and to be as unbiased as I can. It may seem like I write alot of anti-Chinese or pro-Korean posts but it’s not because I am taking sides, I am just writing from what I have experienced personally in my life, having lived in China and lived in Korea, and making lots of Chinese and Korean friends. For example I say negative things about Korea too: Tong Zou’s answer to What do non-Koreans dislike about Korean culture and Korean people? As you can see I am not biased to any race or culture. I consider myself a Canadian above all else. That means I don’t blindly believe everything the CCP does is good, nor do I hate Chinese nor do I think Koreans are the best, or anything. If I have disagreements with Chinese people, its because I think they are too biased to their own country, not because I hate China and am a traitor or US puppet or something, so… I hope people can understand that.