A new direction

Well, feels like I haven’t updated since the beginning of this month, so here’s what has been going on:

PEY – Environment Canada has been going well the first week. The people there are quite nice and friendly, and it is a very flexible and lax environment. The work there the first week was so paltry that I had to ask for some! The environment there is good, the pay is ok for a student and it is an hour and a half away from my house. But what I have found out while working there is quite a revelation: this wasn’t what I wanted to do as a career.

Yes, I did enter UofT in computer science, yes this job is 100% related and yes it was what I was expecting – but I realized that it wasn’t the kind of thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Perhaps for a few years yes, but not for the rest of my life. Because it seems to me that I want something more than just being a coder – I wanted to be a manager – Project management, or business management. Of course, one could always get a promotion – but there seems to be too little ways of getting that. This has led me in a new direction – I am considering doing an MBA now after I graduate. The reason for this is many, while it may not seem savvy in the midst of a recession, a master’s degree could pay off in the end – and I only live once.

The fact of the matter is however, that business school require related experience, and the only way I can see myself ascending to that from a Software engineering specialization (perhaps the economics minor could come in handy) is working as a software developer for some number of years, getting promoted to a project manager – and then attend business school. After that, I have any number of paths from financial firms to software management. The trick is how to do all this, and do it while I’m young (I don’t want to attend school in my 40s) and doing it right (I don’t want time and money to be wasted). As a side note, its a shame that commerce and computer science have to be completely separate otherwise this could have been easier. In addition to that, I expect to attend a US business school and for the US economy to be back up by the time I attend (which may be even 10 years from now).

This is all very long-term thinking, but I like to plan ahead and do whatever it takes to succeed. I can’t live with coding my whole life, but I can live with managing a software company and doing coding occasionally.

On another note as my other interest of being a designer and doing HCI related work, I have done the same for SoU 09 as I did for GSoC 09, so Here’s the link. As for my other plan of doing CSC494, that will have to wait because ROSI is going to take until May 19 (tomorrow) to post my GPA, which might be too late to start requesting for that.

Other plans this summer? More video making and recording (in fact I have a new JFK video up on my youtube), more xbox360-ing, more investing, more ways to make money to pay off OSAP and my credit card debts and hopefully more posts on this blog =).