2023: Year in Review

Every year, I do a year in review, with highlights and lowlights and a summary so this is my year in review for 2023.


-Went on a Europe trip to Switzerland and Italy with my girlfriend in Jan
-Went on a Japan trip by myself in Oct
-Stayed in Korea for about 2 months total to be with my gf in Feb, Mar, Oct and Nov. 
-Wedding preparations and photo shoot went well in Nov. Got the wedding rings picked out and the photos done and planned the wedding for next year.
-Got a bit closer with some of my guy friends in Vancouver, we hang out more often (also due to me moving downtown) now
-Moved from Burnaby to downtown
-Met with family twice in the year, once right after I moved in Jun and once again for Christmas time in Dec.
-Work at Godaddy going smoothly so far, despite a management shake up late in the year.
-Got my 13% back from the QuadrigaCX lawsuit finally
-My brother also moved to Vancouver so it’s easier to meet and hang out with him.


-Moving is a pain in the ass. Took me about 8 trips with a rental car to move all my stuff from Burnaby to downtown.
-Mom has health issues and our cat is pretty much on its last legs (she’s lived for 19 human years now!). This was sad to see.
-Grandma passed away in May. Although she was suffering from dementia, this affected my mom a lot and affected her health especially. 
-Long distance relationships are difficult. Even though I tried to meet my gf in Korea a lot, we still ended up fighting a lot.
-Financial issues. I lost about $1000 from a leak in the bathroom that I caused by trying to install a bidet, ended up damaging the unit beneath. It was covered by insurance thankfully, but I still had to pay the $1000 deductible. Many electronic items I had inexplicably had issues and had to be written off. This included two laptops, an amplifier, an electronic chessboard, a gaming handheld. In addition to this, I had to cancel a flight for the trip with my gf to Germany as she changed her mind and got no refund for it, and the USPS / Canada Post service lost a $2400 luxury watch which insurance only covers $1000 for. I basically had no savings left and so these all hit me hard.
-Health issues. Had a migraine for a week, allergic rashes over my back and chest and upper lip, had vision in one eye temporary be blurry for a day etc it was very scary to me to experience so much more health issues than before as normally I am quite a healthy person.
-My Youtube account was suspended. 20k subscribers lost that I worked hard for since 2008. In addition, countless comments I’ve left on Youtube videos for 15 years were all lost. This was a huge blow to me. And it was all because I played some Eagles covers. I had to remake a new Youtube channel and start over from scratch. Thankfully I backed up the majority of my videos, but still, losing those subscribers and those comments was heartbreaking.


Overall a solid year, considering that the 2020s decade so far has been very frustrating so far for me. 2010s were still my golden age (especially 2011-2017 what great times those were to live in!). But this year I traveled a lot, I maintained job stability, I moved apartments, became closer with my Vancouver friends, got my QuadrigaCX lawsuit reimbursement finally, stayed with my girlfriend 2 months (which is something since she lives in Korea), got wedding plans locked down, and saw my family more. So overall accomplished a lot this year. 
The main concerns this year were the health of my parents and my financial issues. I continue to suffer from bad financial planning, too many impulsive buying, too much financial bad luck like USPS / Canada post losing my packages or a valuable electronic item randomly breaking down etc. I need to learn to manage my finances and control my spending better in the future, especially since I’m planning to get married next year. In addition, I’m beginning to have more health issues than before. I had a migraine for a week which I’ve never gotten before, I have a lot of allergic rashes appearing on my back and chest and on my upper lip, and one day I woke up with vision in one eye being significantly more blurry than the other. I really need to work on my diet and exercise. Losing my Youtube channel was also a tough blow, but I restarted it and maybe this time I won’t focus too much on trying to get new views or subscribers and just trying to put out videos for myself mostly so I don’t put too much pressure on me this time.


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