2009: Year in Review

Every year I’m going to make a year in review highlighting my accomplishments and failures. This is to keep a track record of what I’ve achieved and what mistakes I’ve made. I’ll make one for 2010 at the end of this year, this note is a bit overdue for 2009.



-Got my first A in a CS course

-Invested and made over 3k in the stock market

-Purchased my first vehicle, an Acura RSX

-Secured a 16 month internship working with the government as a software developer

-Became a Toastmasters speaker!

-Went to Cuba; first vacation in 4 years!

-Smoked my first cuban cigar!

-Started my first blog since 2006

-New amplifier, new guitar, new laptop, new glasses, new phone, the works!

Low points:

-Got rejected by Google summer of code and Season of usability

-Got charged $560 of NSF fees for not paying attention to my bank account and Paypal

-GPA wasn’t high enough to secure any internships in US or Japan


2009 was a good year overall; there was a sense of optimism in me that things would keep going well for me. I had family and friends supporting me, was working two jobs, and doing well in my one course at university, overall I was financially stable and a feeling that the US economy was recovering well and that a bright path lay ahead. Little did I know that 2010 would completely reverse this situation for me.