10 things I don’t like about women

1. You complain about your weight too much even though you weigh less than me (and thats pretty light).
2. You take hours putting on makeup and other cosmetics when really, you don’t even really need it.
3. You go through boyfriends like bathroom tissue. I mean its like one guy dumps you one day, the next day you get another one. Like its a fad to have to have a boyfriend or something.
4. Blonde is not a cool colour. seriously. I hate blondes (the color). And I can’t understand why anyone would ever dye their hair that color.
5. Why do you wear skirts in the winter and then complain that its cold? or wear something inappropiate and complain that people are staring at you? you asked for it.
6. If you have something to say to me, say it to my face instead of telling your friends about it and getting them to say it. This is not a game of cat and mouse here.
7. You want the gallant and chivalrous man who will open the door for you and everything yet complain that you are able to take of things yourself and call us chauvinists. I mean which side are you on here?
8. You like the tall, dark handsome men, the jocks, the muscular types, the popular types, and the cool looking ‘evil’ types. Yet you complain that all men are jerks. Go figure.
9. You ‘use’ guys to get at other guys. And you call us players.
10. You change your mind so often, its no wonder none of us can figure you out.