Grammar Lesson 2 Korean

마세요,말고 (stop doing)

We can make use of the honorific particle (으시) that we learned in imperative actions, like telling someone to stop doing something.
To do that, we just replace the verb stem ‘다’ with ‘지 마세요’.

If we want to say do B instead of A, we use ‘지 말고’ instead.

V + 지마세요

1. The polite way to tell someone to stop doing something is to use Verb + ‘지 마세요’.

V + 지마

2. The plain/casual way of saying this to someone is to just use Verb + ‘지 마’.

V1 + 지 말고 + V2 + 세요

3. In order to say do B instead of A, we use Verb A + ‘지 말고’ + Verb B + ‘세요’.


지 마세요! = Don’t go!

커피 마시지 말고 차 마시세요! = Don’t drink coffee, drink tea instead!