Grammar Lesson 4 Korean

네요,구나/군요,더라/던데요 – Korean endings part 2

Here are some more Korean endings to know that are used in more specific circumstances.

V + 네요

1. The ending 네/네요 expresses being surprised by, or impressed by something.

한국어 잘 하시네요! – You speak Korean really well! (impressed)

아무도 안 왔네요. – No one is here. (surprised)

V + 구나/군요

2. The ending 구나/군요 is used when you realized or are aware of something.

기타를 잘 쳤군요. – You play guitar really well. (realizing the fact after listening)

V + 더라/던데요

3. The ending 더라/던데요 is used when you want to tell someone something that you experienced yourself.

한국의 겨울에 아주 춥던데요! – Korean winters are really cold! (having experienced it yourself).

V + (ㄴ/은,는,ㄹ/을,던)듯(이)

4. The ending 듯(이) is added to give the meaning like, as if, etc. In this way its transforming the verb into an adjective like meaning.

거의 장난치. – Almost jokingly (joking-like)