What do you think of Japanese girls compared to other Asian girls?

I’m just gonna speak for East Asian only but, from my experience Japanese girls are the most feminine out of Chinese, Korean and Japanese, with the gap being much bigger between Chinese and Korean/Japanese than between Korean and Japanese. Most Chinese girls I know act like guys and dress like guys.

Korean girls are more similar to Japanese girls, but are more likely to express their minds more. From what I seen, Japanese girls are really passive, don’t express themselves as openly, and try really hard to be “cute”. Fashion wise, they are probably the most unique out of all of them. Compared to Korean girls who are almost all about short skirts and one piece dresses (even in the winter), and Chinese girls who as I mentioned just dress like men (pants + jeans mostly).

Makeup wise in Korean and Japanese culture both, the girls wear makeup because it is a form of manners in their culture. Again Chinese being the exception here, a lot of girls don’t wear makeup because they don’t give a damn.

Uniquely amongst them, Japanese girls seem to have something going on with their teeth… not sure what the ‘crooked teeth’ thing is about, maybe they think it looks cute.

As an apt example let me demonstrate the stereotypes of these three by doing slightly racist exaggerations:

[Guy gives Japanese girlfriend a nice gift]
Japanese girl: Ehhhhhhh?? Kawaii Desu!! Arigatooo! (so cute! thank you!), Let me buy you dinner ^^

[Guy gives Korean girlfriend a nice gift]
Korean girl: Jinjja?? Gomaweo Oppa!! (really? thanks oppa!) – *guy still has to pay for dinner afterwards

[Guy gives Chinese girlfriend a nice gift]
Chinese girl: What? That’s it? Looks too cheap. Get me a better one. – *guy still has to pay for dinner afterwards

Was Bruce Lee really as great as the hype?

Not as great as the hype, but Bruce Lee was definitely a great martial artist.

Bruce Lee haters usually cite something like “Bruce Lee never fought in professional competitions etc he’s only an actor etc”

But nothing could be further from the truth. Bruce Lee was a philosopher not just a martial artist, he wrote books (read Bruce Lee’s fighting method for example) on best practices with fighting. The thing is Bruce Lee never did any professional competitions because it didn’t mean anything. In a REAL street fight, which is what Bruce fought in, there’s no rules, there’s no points scored or any of that.

His fighting style Jeet Kune Do was built around a technique that borrowed from other techniques. Whether it be Karate, Judo, Boxing, Kung Fu (Wing Chun especially), Muay Thai, Taekwondo, etc Jeet Kune Do borrowed the best parts of each fighting style to make a fighting style that had no rules. That’s why people consider him the grandfather of MMA.

This was the best for street fighting because in an actual fight you use whatever you can to beat the opponent. That was Bruce’s philosophy and why he didn’t like to participate in actual professional fights.

However, that doesn’t mean he was weak. Ask Chuck Norris or any of the other “professional” fighters that sparred with him – Bruce Lee was legit. Now he’s not a superhuman like some of the hype says – but he was definitely more than the average human. He had an intense strict training regiment and believed in a healthy diet way before any Americans even knew what ingredients they were eating.

Why is Kobe Bryant put out of the all-time top 10 every time by these current NBA analysts?

I think he is top 10, but nowhere higher than #9. Why? Because Kobe has always been, and will continue to be, rated much more highly by fans than by analysts. The reason is pretty simple: Kobe is an inefficient player. Besides his rings (which are team awards), his individual awards are lacking (only 1 MVP, 2 finals mvp, 2 scoring titles).

Kobe Bryant – 5 rings, 1 MVP, 2 Finals MVPs, 15x All-NBA, 2x scoring champ, 45% FG %

the 15x All-NBA and 5 rings are probably Kobe’s best awards – but the 5 rings come with an asterisk because the first 3 rings he was not the best player on his team. He has 2 rings as his team’s best player. In the top 10, no other player has less than 2 MVPs and at least 2 rings as the team’s best player except for who you place at the #10 spot which is either Jerry West, Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaq or Oscar Robertson depending on the person.

Jordan – 5 MVPs, 6 rings as the best player, 50% FG%

Kareem – 6 MVPs, 3 rings as the best player (1971, 1980, 1985), 56% FG%

Wilt – 4 MVPs, 2 rings as best player (1967, 1972), 54% FG%

Russell – 5 MVPs, 7–8 rings as the best player, 44% FG%

Magic – 3 MVPs, 3 rings as the best player (1982, 1987, 1988), 52% FG%

Bird – 3 MVPs, 3 rings as the best player (1981, 1984, 1986), 50% FG%

Duncan – 2 MVPs, 3 rings as the best player (1999, 2003, 2005) 50% FG%

Lebron – 4 MVPs, 3 rings as the best player (2012, 2013, 2016) 50% FG%

so as you can see, every player ranked ahead of Kobe has more MVPs, more rings as the best player (except Wilt) and better FG% (except Russell). And since FG% is a big deal for advanced stats like PER, TS%, etc thats why analysts don’t like Kobe. Also, 2 scoring titles is a small number (less than Iverson, Durant and Gervin who all have 4 and obviously Jordan and Wilt) when Kobe is often touted as the “most lethal scorer of all time”. These are the reasons why Kobe is often rated much more highly amongst fans then by analysts. Of course, “killer instinct” and “mamba mentality” and “cold blooded assassin” are buzzwords used by Kobe fans but there’s nothing backing it up; even clutch stats show that Kobe is 7/28 in last seconds of 4th quarter which is worse than Jordan or Lebron. And also, Kobe fans like to say that Kobe was “robbed” of MVPs by Steve Nash, but the MVP voting shows that Kobe was not on the MVP voting ballot in 2005 and was only 4th place in 2006. That’s why Kobe is only #9 at best. And sometimes out of the top 10 completely. You could make good arguments for West, Oscar, Hakeem or Shaq over Kobe. Or even Steph Curry – 2 MVPs, 2 rings as the best player (2015, 2018), 48% FG%. You might say its blasphemous but there is actually a good chance Durant or Curry can surpass Kobe in accomplishments by the end of their careers – while shooting much better.

Also I don’t trust player’s opinions either, because they are biased to their position and era. For example, Kobe said the toughest player he ever had to guard was Tracy McGrady. In an overall ranking of shooting guards though, I don’t think Tmac would be in the top 10 though. Likewise Bird said the best teammate he ever played with was Dennis Johnson. Most people would rank McHale ahead of Johnson though. There are biases because certain players play more against certain other players, and only in their own era and position etc Lastly players rely on their own opinion, less so on concrete stats which analysts do.

And also for clutch shots… is Kobe really a clutch killer? Well the stats say otherwise:

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