Top 10 Greatest FPS (First person shooter) games of all time

Top 10 greatest FPS games of all time

1. Half-Life (1998)
This is my pick for #1 FPS of all time, because although Doom pioneered the FPS genre, Half life perfected it. It introduced an actual story, a script, player-NPC interactions, and made the game feel almost believable. Even though Half Life 2 improved upon this even more, I think Half Life’s influence cannot be understated, this is the greatest FPS game of all time.

2. Doom (1993)
Doom could be #1, because it is the original game that popularized the FPS genre. Sure, Catacomb Abyss, Ultima Underworld and Wolfenstein 3D came before it, but Doom was the game that made people realize that games were no longer just platformers and arcade style shooters. It was violent, it had a revolutionary engine and it is the grandfather of all FPS games. Hail Doom!

3. Counter-Strike 1.6 (2000)
Originally a mod of Half Life, it became its own game and one of the most popular multiplayer games of all time. Everywhere in college dorms and internet cafes, CS was being played. This game set the standard for multiplayer matches and gameplay for virtually all FPS games after it, having weapon loadouts and 2 opposing factions.

4. Quake (1996)
Quake upped the ante on Doom with better textures and more sadistic weapons that weren’t based on the real world, but moreoever introduced multiplayer gaming and LAN parties to the public. Doom technically had multiplayer before but Quake made it popular. Quake also introduced the fast paced deathmatch style of play that would be found in every 90s FPS shooter since.

5. Halo: Combat Evolved (2001)
This was the game that sold the Xbox to the public and considered revolutionary in the FPS genre for a few reasons, first the game ditched health packs and carrying every weapon you find, to having a regenerating shield and a limitation of only being able to carry 2 weapons at a time, and secondly the ability to pilot vehicles. Both these innovations would appear in pretty much every FPS game after it.

6. Half-Life 2 (2004)
One of the greatest FPS games ever is also considered one of the greatest games of all time, period. Half life improved upon its successor with more of everything, with various styles of gameplay, puzzle-solving, and player-AI interaction, plus a new physics engine that really pushed the FPS genre as a whole. This game was considered the best game of the 2000s decade by a lot of publications.

7. Goldeneye 007 (1995)
The best FPS game on a console for the rest of the decade, Goldeneye combined a great story, and an incredibly fun multiplayer where you can play split screen 4 player, with various mods like the golden gun and paintball mode, this was along with Super Mario 64 the game that sold the Nintendo 64.

8. System Shock (1994)
The sci-fi RPG FPS game that built upon Ultima underworld and influenced System Shock 2, Dead Space, Deus Ex, Bioshock and a slew of other RPG/FPS hybrid games, this game was the original and was hugely influential in advancing the sci-fi genre.

9. Duke Nukem 3D (1996)
One of the first FPS games and the first popular FPS game to make use of a players voice, in addition to being able to interact with various items in the game. The player character had a personality which other games that came before it didn’t.

10. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007)
Revitalized the franchise and all modern FPS games by having realistic combat driven storyline set in modern day, great graphics, and a multiplayer that set the standard for all FPS games that came after it

Top 10 what-if? careers in NBA history and unluckiest NBA franchise

Top 10 NBA (hall of fame) what-if careers:

1. Bill Walton
2x champion, 1x mvp, 1x finals mvp, 2x all star, 2x first team. What if Walton was healthy is the biggest what if in hall of famer history because he only had 2 healthy seasons when he was in the NBA. during those 2 healthy seasons, he won 2 rings, an MVP, a finals mvp, 2x all star and 2x all-NBA. That’s as good a 2 year stretch as any of the greatest players ever. He had various foot and ankle injuries after 1978, that season was also his best season averaging 19/13/5 the most Russell like stats out of any center in recent memory. Had he not been injured? Maybe he would be considered on par with Kareem who is one of the top 3 greatest players of all time.

2. Arvydas Sabonis
Considered one of the best European players of all time, he was never able to play for the NBA in his prime due to the Soviet Union restricting him. By the time he came to the NBA in 1995 (he was drafted in 1986) he was a shell of himself due to many injuries. We will never know how good a prime Sabonis would have been in the NBA, but his best season was in 1998 averaging 16/10/3. If he hadn’t been injured? Maybe he would have become a top 5 center of all time.

3. Maurice Stokes
3x All star, 3x All NBA, HOF the most tragic story on here, Maurice stokes led the league in rebounds in 1958, and only played 3 seasons before suffering a career ending head injury and stroke thus becoming permanently paralyzed on his last regular season game in 1958. one could only imagine how good he could have been. his average was 17/18/6 in 1958 before the injury. Maybe he could have ended up a top 20 or top 15 player of all time.

4. David Thompson
4x All star, 2x all NBA, HOF the player who stopped UCLA’s 88 game winning streak. Had 73 points in a game before and was considered Michael Jordan’s idol. never got injured but had a drug problem. Because of his cocaine habits, he was averaging 27/5/5 a game in 1978 his best season before those stats steadily declining since. He wasn’t even in his prime yet, and who knows? He could’ve been a pseudo-Jordan if he didn’t do drugs.

5. Grant Hill
7x All star, 5x all NBA, was a triple double machine and considered the next Magic or Oscar when he was playing with the Pistons. Right after he got traded to the Magic he had various ankle injuries and was never the same again. best season was in 1997, averaging 21/9/7/2. Maybe he could’ve been a top 5 SF of all time if he wasn’t injured.

6. Drazen Petrovic
Never an All star or all NBA, but was a rising star on the Nets before his untimely death at age 28 in a car accident. the previous season in 1993 he was averaging 22/3/3.5. Maybe he would’ve been a top 15-20 shooting guard if he didn’t die.

7. Tracy McGrady
7x All star, 8x all NBA, was scoring champion 2x, since 2006 suffered recurring injuries and never was able to sustain his excellence. Was considered on par with Kobe for being the best shooting guards at that time before those injuries. Best season was in 2003 averaging 32/6.5/5.5. Maybe he would have been a top 10 shooting guard if he wasn’t injured.

8. Bernard King
4x All star, 4x all NBA, HOF was the 1985 scoring champion when he tore his ACL which at that time was a career ending injury. He was averaging 33 points a game before this injury. best season was in 1985, averaging 33/6/4. Could have been a top 10 SF if he wasn’t injured.

9. Derrick Rose
3x All star, 1x all NBA, 1x MVP – No one will know what Derrick Rose could have been if he didn’t suffer his ACL tear in 2012 during the playoffs; he was considered one of the best players in the league before then, and won an MVP before in his best season in 2011, averaging 25/4/8 a game. Could’ve been similar to Russell Westbrook, a top 15 point guard, if he wasn’t injured.

10. Penny Hardaway
4x All star, 3x all NBA, had persistent injuries from the 1998 season onwards. Was considered then next Magic Johnson due to his combination of size and passing ability. Best season was in 1996, averaging 22/4/7. Maybe would have been a top 15 point guard if he wasn’t injured.

Honorable Mention: Yao Ming
8x All star, 5x all NBA, HOF, had persistent ankle foot injuries during 2006 and never was fully healthy again. only had 3 full healthy seasons in the NBA, best season was in 2007 averaging 25/9/2. Maybe would have been a top 15-20 center if he wasn’t injured.

The Blazers have to be most unluckiest NBA franchise:

1972 – Larue Martin, possibly the biggest #1 draft pick bust of all time
1975 – Bill Walton – only had 1.5 healthy seasons for the Blazers
1984 – missed Jordan and picked Sam Bowie who was also injured his whole career
1995 – got Sabonis who was far past his prime and also injured
2006 – Brandon Roy, had to retire from degenerative knee condition
2007 – Greg Oden, another one of the biggest draft busts ever

has there been an unluckier NBA franchise?

Top 10 Hearthstone cards – Neutral and Class cards

My Magic the Gathering top 10 lists have been the most popular articles on my site by far… so here’s one for Hearthstone! (up to the GvG expansion). The top 10 hearthstone cards of all time for both class and neutral cards… if you want some ideas on what to craft, this should be a good place to start.

Neutral cards

10. [Haunted Creeper]
Set: Naxxramas
A great value for its cost. 2 mana for a 1/2 that spawns 2 1/1s is 3/4 worth of stats spread out over 3 creatures which is extremely mana efficient. Great for zoo decks.

9. [Azure Drake]
Set: Classic
This card has been around since the beginning and why not? It’s a decent 4/4 stat line, gives you extra spell damage, draws you a card and is a Dragon to boot! which makes it versatile enough to fit in Shaman decks, Mage decks, Druid decks, etc and Dragon decks as well.

8. [Acolyte of Pain]
Set: Classic
This is a pretty common card to see in many decks, because its so versatile. Its 3 mana for 1/3 stat may not look like much, but you’re guaranteed at least 1 card and sometimes 2 or 3 cards out of him. If you get 2 cards, its an [Arcane Intellect] with a body which is pretty good. 3 cards and it’s insane value.

7. [Sludge Belcher]
Set: Naxxramas
The best taunt minion in the game. Because he has a great body for the cost, and produces another minion with taunt after he dies, this makes him extremely sticky, which is always a great thing when you need a defensive minion.

6. [Mad Scientist]
Set: Naxxramas
This is an insane card for value because not only is he a 2/2 for 2, which is decent, but like Knife Juggler, his value is tremendous because he pulls a secret out of your deck for free! If you’re a Mage or Hunter, thats 2-3 mana value for free, basically, which makes this card insanely good.

5. [Knife Juggler]
Set: Classic
Before the nerf this card would have been higher, but even after the nerf its still an insane card. It’s a 2/2 that could randomly kill your opponents minions or threaten lethal when you play other minons on the board which is crazy. And its just 2 mana.

4. [Abusive Sergeant]
Set: Classic
He’s the best 1 drop in the game, bar none. Since [Leper Gnome] got nerfed, Abusive Sergeant is 2/1 for 1 mana plus gives other minions the ability to trade up for much much more powerful minions which makes his value insane.

3. [Sylvanas Windrunner]
Set: Classic
The best classic legendary. Her deathrattle steals an opponents minion and forces him to play his way around it. It gets a ton of value because of that and her stats are pretty decent at 5/5 as well so sometimes the opponent is forced to hard remove her. She’s the best legendary in Standard and one of the best overall which makes her one of the best neutral minions.

2. [Dr. Boom]
Set: Goblins vs Gnomes
The best legendary in the game. He creates 2 [Boom Bot]s when he drops down and there’s the value. Those Boom Bots deal 1 damage each on attack plus on death deal an additional 2-8 damage. That’s a massive range, but either way for 7 mana, you get a TON of value from Dr Boom you will always get 3 minions on the board and you’re opponent is guaranteed to spend at least 2 cards killing them.

1. [Piloted Shredder]
Set: Goblins vs Gnomes
Piloted Shredder is one of the best minions in Hearthstone history. Why is that? Because its 4 mana investment for a 4/3 which is already decent stats, plus you get a 2 cost minion for free which makes it essentially a 6 mana card for 4 mana. Thats great value, and because its so sticky, it can go into every deck.

Class cards

10. [Swipe]
Set: Classic
One of the best Druid cards. 4 damage to one thing, and 1 to everything else. For 4 mana. Sounds good to me.

9. [Flamewreathed Faceless]
Set: Whispers of the Old Gods
Umm yeah… a 7/7 for 4 mana is just ridiculous. Ridiculous.

8. [Flamewaker]
Set: Blackrock Mountain
This is the card that makes Tempo Mage go. Its a 2/4 for 3, which is fine stats, but every time you play a spell you get 2 damage to your opponent or minions for free. Thats ridiculous. Especially when combined with other cards that make spells cheaper.

7. [Imp Gang Boss]
Set: Blackrock Mountain
It’s a 2/4 that spawns up to 4 1/1s potentially for 3 mana. Thats major value, and this is one of the best minions in the game due to how sticky it becomes. One of the best Warlock cards.

6. [Tunnel Trogg]
Set: League of Explorers
This is one of the best 1 drops in the game, maybe even the best. Shamans can just drop it, and it grows exponentially when they play cards like Feral Spirit or Totem Golem the turn after and it becomes insanely hard to remove and has mega value for its cost. So yeah, its a good card.

5. [Animal Companion]
Set: Classic
3 mana for either a 4/2 with charge, a 2/4 that gives all your minions +1 attack, or a 4/4 Taunt. Any one of those sounds good to me! An incredible card.

4. [Muster for Battle]
Set: Goblins vs Gnomes
3 mana for 3 minions plus a 1/4 weapon sounds like a good deal to me. This is probably the best tempo card in the game, and one of the best cards ever.

3. [Innervate]
Set: Classic
Anyone want to argue this isn’t the best Druid card? Its 2 extra mana. For 0 mana. Think about that. In Magic that’s like a Black Lotus, almost.

2. [Unleash the Hounds]
Set: Classic
One of the staple Hunter cards but wow how amazing is this card. You can summon up to 7 1/1s with charge for the low low cost of just 3 mana. No wonder every Hunter deck has this card.

1. [Fireball]
Set: Classic
4 mana for 6 damage. Nuff said.