Top 10 Hearthstone cards – Neutral and Class cards

My Magic the Gathering top 10 lists have been the most popular articles on my site by far… so here’s one for Hearthstone! (up to the GvG expansion). The top 10 hearthstone cards of all time for both class and neutral cards… if you want some ideas on what to craft, this should be a good place to start.

Neutral cards

10. [Haunted Creeper]
Set: Naxxramas
A great value for its cost. 2 mana for a 1/2 that spawns 2 1/1s is 3/4 worth of stats spread out over 3 creatures which is extremely mana efficient. Great for zoo decks.

9. [Azure Drake]
Set: Classic
This card has been around since the beginning and why not? It’s a decent 4/4 stat line, gives you extra spell damage, draws you a card and is a Dragon to boot! which makes it versatile enough to fit in Shaman decks, Mage decks, Druid decks, etc and Dragon decks as well.

8. [Acolyte of Pain]
Set: Classic
This is a pretty common card to see in many decks, because its so versatile. Its 3 mana for 1/3 stat may not look like much, but you’re guaranteed at least 1 card and sometimes 2 or 3 cards out of him. If you get 2 cards, its an [Arcane Intellect] with a body which is pretty good. 3 cards and it’s insane value.

7. [Sludge Belcher]
Set: Naxxramas
The best taunt minion in the game. Because he has a great body for the cost, and produces another minion with taunt after he dies, this makes him extremely sticky, which is always a great thing when you need a defensive minion.

6. [Mad Scientist]
Set: Naxxramas
This is an insane card for value because not only is he a 2/2 for 2, which is decent, but like Knife Juggler, his value is tremendous because he pulls a secret out of your deck for free! If you’re a Mage or Hunter, thats 2-3 mana value for free, basically, which makes this card insanely good.

5. [Knife Juggler]
Set: Classic
Before the nerf this card would have been higher, but even after the nerf its still an insane card. It’s a 2/2 that could randomly kill your opponents minions or threaten lethal when you play other minons on the board which is crazy. And its just 2 mana.

4. [Abusive Sergeant]
Set: Classic
He’s the best 1 drop in the game, bar none. Since [Leper Gnome] got nerfed, Abusive Sergeant is 2/1 for 1 mana plus gives other minions the ability to trade up for much much more powerful minions which makes his value insane.

3. [Sylvanas Windrunner]
Set: Classic
The best classic legendary. Her deathrattle steals an opponents minion and forces him to play his way around it. It gets a ton of value because of that and her stats are pretty decent at 5/5 as well so sometimes the opponent is forced to hard remove her. She’s the best legendary in Standard and one of the best overall which makes her one of the best neutral minions.

2. [Dr. Boom]
Set: Goblins vs Gnomes
The best legendary in the game. He creates 2 [Boom Bot]s when he drops down and there’s the value. Those Boom Bots deal 1 damage each on attack plus on death deal an additional 2-8 damage. That’s a massive range, but either way for 7 mana, you get a TON of value from Dr Boom you will always get 3 minions on the board and you’re opponent is guaranteed to spend at least 2 cards killing them.

1. [Piloted Shredder]
Set: Goblins vs Gnomes
Piloted Shredder is one of the best minions in Hearthstone history. Why is that? Because its 4 mana investment for a 4/3 which is already decent stats, plus you get a 2 cost minion for free which makes it essentially a 6 mana card for 4 mana. Thats great value, and because its so sticky, it can go into every deck.

Class cards

10. [Swipe]
Set: Classic
One of the best Druid cards. 4 damage to one thing, and 1 to everything else. For 4 mana. Sounds good to me.

9. [Flamewreathed Faceless]
Set: Whispers of the Old Gods
Umm yeah… a 7/7 for 4 mana is just ridiculous. Ridiculous.

8. [Flamewaker]
Set: Blackrock Mountain
This is the card that makes Tempo Mage go. Its a 2/4 for 3, which is fine stats, but every time you play a spell you get 2 damage to your opponent or minions for free. Thats ridiculous. Especially when combined with other cards that make spells cheaper.

7. [Imp Gang Boss]
Set: Blackrock Mountain
It’s a 2/4 that spawns up to 4 1/1s potentially for 3 mana. Thats major value, and this is one of the best minions in the game due to how sticky it becomes. One of the best Warlock cards.

6. [Tunnel Trogg]
Set: League of Explorers
This is one of the best 1 drops in the game, maybe even the best. Shamans can just drop it, and it grows exponentially when they play cards like Feral Spirit or Totem Golem the turn after and it becomes insanely hard to remove and has mega value for its cost. So yeah, its a good card.

5. [Animal Companion]
Set: Classic
3 mana for either a 4/2 with charge, a 2/4 that gives all your minions +1 attack, or a 4/4 Taunt. Any one of those sounds good to me! An incredible card.

4. [Muster for Battle]
Set: Goblins vs Gnomes
3 mana for 3 minions plus a 1/4 weapon sounds like a good deal to me. This is probably the best tempo card in the game, and one of the best cards ever.

3. [Innervate]
Set: Classic
Anyone want to argue this isn’t the best Druid card? Its 2 extra mana. For 0 mana. Think about that. In Magic that’s like a Black Lotus, almost.

2. [Unleash the Hounds]
Set: Classic
One of the staple Hunter cards but wow how amazing is this card. You can summon up to 7 1/1s with charge for the low low cost of just 3 mana. No wonder every Hunter deck has this card.

1. [Fireball]
Set: Classic
4 mana for 6 damage. Nuff said.

5 things I don’t like about Korea and USA

As much as I like living in both Korea and America, I have some complaints about both countries. Yes, I know no country is perfect, so here’s my biggest gripes about each.

5 things I don’t like about living in South Korea

1. Racism
I wish Koreans would stop worshipping white people and treating white people different than other foreigners. Black people, Hispanics, and other non-Korean Asians all get treated differently, or “lower” than white people get treated and this is an issue common to most Asian countries I think. Because of Hollywood and history, white people get looked up upon and Koreans think of themselves as “better” than other Asians.

2. Citizenship
Its very difficult for a foreigner to become a Korean citizen. There’s really only a few ways, either marry a Korean national, have Korean heritage but live abroad, invest $5m into the Korean economy, or become a Korean cultural ambassador. So for the majority of us foreigners the only reliable option is to marry a Korean, which I’m not opposed to, but its difficult meeting a girl to marry when you can’t live here permanently. And you have to marry to live here permanently. Working here for any amount of time doesn’t cut it.

3. Online security
Doing anything online, buying tickets for a movie, getting internet, online shopping, transferring money to a bank account, getting a cellphone contract etc all requires a Korean resident number (only Korean citizens have that), or requires an Foreigner ID card (only foreigners with a work permit have that). So if you are living in Korea short term like me, good luck getting those things online. Its a major headache and hassle.

4. Work culture
The work culture in Korea is very strict. You have to follow what your boss tells you do and can’t talk back. You can’t leave work until your boss does. You have to go drinking with your boss if he tells you do. Overtime and Weekend work is normal. That’s why I don’t to work for a Korean company. But they have to get with the times and change these rules. Its way too strict and hinders intellectual and career development. Also, you’re encouraged to stay with the same company to show your loyalty. These rules are pretty different than Chinese work culture where there is more freedom of movement.

5. Gender equality
the recent murder of a girl in Gangnam by a guy who hated women prompted some people to talk about gender equality and misogynists in Korea. But unlike in America, where girls complain about sexism in every single thing imaginable, in Korea its very real.

There is a 30% work pay gap between Korean women and men, and that is the highest gap in the OECD. Korean women are pressured to look pretty all the time, and some have to get plastic surgery to find a job. They are discriminated against if they get pregnant while on the job and can be dismissed. In America, people can sue for this, but in Korea women are too afraid of retaliation to even try. In fact, online Korean bloggers even trying to talk about women’s rights get attacked viciously online by Korean males who don’t want women to have more rights.

In the US, there is the benefit of American males who have sympathy for feminists, but the reason why you don’t see many feminists in Korea is because its a patriarchal society, and people are afraid of retaliation and backlash, where Korean men don’t have that much sympathy for the women.

5 things I don’t like about living in USA

1. People love guns too much
I have to talk about this yet again, because recently a popular Youtube singer was murdered out in the open right in front of all her fans. Nowhere else in the world would this happen but in the US.

America has a gun problem. They think more guns is the solution, not the cause. They have 310 million of them and its impossible to take them away. Pro-guns people usually say banning guns won’t keep criminals from killing people, they will find ways to get guns or other weapons.

I don’t disagree with that, but I think the reason how they can get other guns in a city like Chicago for instance, which has a lot of murders but strict gun laws, is because they can always get it from states or cities with more loose gun restrictions. Because in America every state is different, people can just buy guns without a background check from a private gun dealer or gun show in a state with loose gun laws and take them to a state with strong gun laws and shoot people.
The solution is ban guns everywhere like in Canada/Europe/Australia/Korea/Japan/most of the developed world.

As for criminals finding other weapons, well a knife is quite less lethal than a gun. A knife is a short range weapon and multiple stabbings are required, whereas for a gun its long range, and multiple shots can kill multiple people at once. A gun is far more deadly than a knife is, so if a criminal uses a knife, a lot less deaths will happen. The time it takes for a person to stab someone fatally versus a fatal gunshot. You can’t say that stabbing someone is faster. A bullet travels way faster than a hand does. In a mass shooting situation, that happens a lot faster than a mass stabbing situation.

Plus, a lot of these mass shootings happen not from criminals, but from ordinary citizens with mental health problems. They aren’t criminals until they commit the act. Which means, banning guns 100% from every state is the right choice so that common citizens can’t get access to them easily.

Another argument people make for guns is that they need them for self defense (against intruders or the government) or for hunting purposes. My response is, in 2016 why do you need to hunt, since fresh meat is widely available, and why is a gun necessary for self defense when a knife will do? The same people who say that knives are just as deadly as guns (foolishly arguing against my point above) will defend this point in pure contradiction and say that no, knives are not as deadly as guns are. And what chance do you stand against a military that has access to choppers, tanks, bazookas, stealth jets etc. This ain’t the 18th century anymore.

2. People think socialism is evil

We all know that there is a lot of uneducated people in the US, which is how Trump became the Republican nominee for President. 70% of them don’t have a university degree. So unfortunately a lot of them don’t understand exactly what democratic socialism is. They hear socialism, and they equate that to communism which equals Soviet Union/Red China/Cuba/Vietnam for them, and they hate it. They think that Obama or Bernie Sanders are communists. Which is blatantly ridiculous.

Canada/Europe/Korea/Japan/Taiwan/Australia/Scandinavia/etc a great majority of developed countries in the world practice democratic socialism, basically its the idea that the people pay more taxes and in return the government provides more welfare. The US is already like this in some sense because of Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security. The problem is Americans are selfish and don’t want to pay more taxes to help their kids get better education, or themselves to get easier access to healthcare. When they are already paying taxes to help the US military invade other countries. So very ironic.

3. People care more about fetuses / animals than other human beings

the shooting of a gorilla because a family’s 4 year old son went into the cage prompts people to care more about the gorilla than the child. In Hollywood movies, you are more likely to see an adult get killed than a dog or a cat.
Conservatives are fine with lax gun laws that facilitate mass shootings of fully developed human beings but are against abortion, which is a pre-developed human being.
I don’t get it.

4. Politically correct bullshit

When I go to IGN or PC Gamer I don’t expect to see article about body shaming or fat shaming. I expect to see articles about gaming. I don’t want to see 50% of the news coming from formerly respected magazines like Economist and BBC and TIME and websites like Verge or Techcrunch or Engadget constantly post crap about feminist / gender / equality bullshit. I want to see actual news about what they are supposed to talk about! World events! Tech news!

People care too much about being politically correct. calling someone fat will likely result in your getting ostracized for it “body shaming”. Complimenting a girl too much is “sexual harassement” and “objectifying”. You can’t make any comment that can me misconstrued as racist, sexist, stereotyping, etc if you don’t have enough diversity in your company or game or movie, then you get criticized “not enough girls”, “not enough gays”, “not enough blacks”, “not enough transgenders” etc. Everyone is offended by everything. In short, I hate the politically correct “progressive” society that we live in today.

Here’s an example of how much ridiculous politically correct shit get into my newsfeed, this is just in the last 15 days from my Facebook wall:

Caitlyn Jenner news
Apparently having 1 more black kid in the don’t do category makes this saftey poster racist
Miss Piggy is a feminist
New term “Manosphere” for men who deny women discrimination
Porn teaches men to objectify women (you don’t say!)
Implying that being fat and ugly is better than being slim and attractive
Implying that women are single are better than women who are married
Laws that prevent women from being forced to wear high heels
Articles that imply that women have to dress up more than guys
Remakes using all-female casts
implying that not voting for Hillary Clinton is sexist
A ‘leadership gap’ between men and women
Being against recasting Hermione from Harry Potter as a black person is racist
Schools have sexist dress codes
A strong female superhero that gets assaulted by the main villain is too violent
Financial crisis helped narrow the gender wage gap
Celebrities who think women are better than men
The Sims PC game allows you to be transgender

Now lets look at these sources… CNET, Economist, Eurogamer, BBC, TIME, etc. Wow thats a lot of feminist/diversity agenda being pushed down our throats every day. Now you know why I’m annoyed by this.

5. Gender Equality

I think Gender Equality is BS, and I’m probably the first to go ahead and openly say this. Go ahead mock me and hate on me all you want. I have my reasons. Feminists complain about small trivial things that they think are owed to them and hate on men without thinking about how much opportunity they have in the world compared to other women in the world.

They don’t think about the fact that men and women were born unequal, are biologically unequal, mentally unequal, have done different roles in society for millennia, and should continue to do so because they are good at different tasks. Women are better at taking care of kids, dealing with people etc thats why a lot of women are receptionists, service people, etc Men are better at dealing with physical labor, being scientists/engineers, fighting in battles etc and thats what they have traditionally done. One of the points I love about Korea is that the gender roles are very divided and separated and the guys do what the guys do best and the girls do what the girls do best. And there’s no complaining from either side. And look how much faster Korean life operates as a result! Its more optimal, more efficient that way.

I hate that everything a guy says in western society can be misconstrued as sexist or misogynist by today’s feminists and its just insane to think that. And not only that its a double standard against men. For example, you can have a movie that promotes feminist values and in the same movie you have girls ogling over a buff guy with his shirt off for half the movie. What kind of double standard is that? So girls can say sexist things and objectify men but guys can’t? That’s the definition of gender inequality. The same thing with that X-men article I linked earlier. So feminists want a strong woman to be a superhero and fight the bad guy but cry misogyny when the main villain chokes her? You can’t pick and choose which things are equal for you!

That’s why gender equality is complete BS, at least the way I’ve seen it played out online.

Boutique Guitar Amp/Pickups/Pedal makers

As some people know I’m kind of a guitar nerd, I love reading about tone, effects, pickups etc and in particular I love reading about handwound pickups, handmade guitar effects and handwired amps. So in this post I’m going to compile a list of boutique amp/pickups/pedal makers for those of you interested.

I personally use a few boutique guitar gear. I have handwound pickups by Rumpelstiltskin. I have a Swart Amp. And effects by Keeley, Xotic, Seymour Duncan, Catalinbread, RambleFX, Maxon.

What makes something boutique? One guy, a few guys or in general just a small shop, not a big company. Mainstream Amp/Pickup/Pedal makers employ hundreds or thousands of employees.

Mainstream Amp Makers
Line 6
Mesa Boogie
Randall Amps
Laney Amps
Traynor Amps

Boutique Amp Makers
Soldano Amps
Orange Amps
Hughes and Kettner
Blackheart Engineering
Hiwatt Amps
Divided by 13 Amps
Victoria Amps
Dr Z Amps
Trainwreck Amps
Tone King Amps
Swart Amps
Fuchs Amps
Matchless Amps
Two Rock Amps
Bad Cat Amps
65 Amps
Gurus Amps
Buddha Amps

Mainstream Effects makers
Dunlop / Way Huge / MXR
Electro Harmonix
BBE Sound
Morley Pedals

Boutique effects makers
Teese Wahs
Analog Man
Xotic Effects
Maxon FX
Voodoo Lab
Cornish Effects
Roger Mayer Effects
Wampler Pedals
Seymour Duncan
Myco Pedals
Empress Effects
ZVex Effects
Dr Scientist
EWS Pedals
El Rey FX
Buddha Amps
Fuchs Pedals
Black Arts Toneworks
Red Witch pedals
T-rex effects
Death by Audio
Chase Tone
Dwarfcraft Devices
Daredevil Pedals
Earthquaker Devices
Petty John Electronics
Stone Deaf FX
Walrus Audio
Source Audio
Rainger FX
Thorpy FX
Solid Gold FX
Buffalo FX
Old Blood Noise
Love Pedals
Alexander Pedals
Rockett pedals
JHS pedals
Magnetic Effects
Shoe Pedals

Mainstream guitar pickup makers
Seymour Duncan
EMG Pickups
Lace Pickups
Fishman Pickups

Boutique (handwound) guitar pickup makers
Lindy Fralin
Bareknuckle Pickups
SD pickups
Amalfitano Pickups
Skatterbrane Pickups
Sheptone Pickups
Wolfetone Pickups
Novak pickups
Bill Lawrence Pickups
Don Mare Pickups
Rumpelstiltskin Pickups
Tonerider Pickups
Klein Pickups
D Allen Pickups
Porter Pickups
Leo Sounds
OC Duff Pickups
Harrison Pickups
BG Pickups
Jim Wagner Pickups
Van Zandt Pickups
Rio Grande Pickups
Bullock Pickups
Reilander Pickups
Arnsparger Pickups
SK Pickups
JS Moore Pickups
Lollar Pickups
Cats Whisker Pickups
Harmonic Design Pickups
Gemini Pickups
JBE Pickups
Electric City Pickups
Sliders Pickups