Do you think there will ever be someone to get more NBA rings than Bill Russell?

Nope, fun fact – Bill Russell has the most championships (11) out of ANY player in a major league sport. That’s right. Russell has more rings than Babe Ruth’s World Series titles, Tom Brady’s super bowl wins, Wayne Gretzky’s Stanley Cups, Pele’s World Cups etc he’s the biggest winner in pro sports history. Russell even has 2 NCAA titles so even counting college its hard to beat him (only Kareem has more at 3 NCAA titles). Outside of the 60s Celtics, the most rings a modern day player has is 7 (Robert Horry).

As an answer below said, coaches can have more rings i.e Phil Jackson but that’s because they don’t play, which means they can coach for many many years. As a player, its not possible due to how the league has expanded, more competition etc

What is the best magic card ever printed that is not power nine?

Oooh I like the other answer that goes by colors. Ok, so here’s my picks for each color


One of the single most broken creatures ever printed. It just is, abused with so many cards that can bring her back, and every time she can re-use any card you already used? awesome


One red mana, put any creature from your hand into the battlefield. Red is actually probably the weakest color overall in Magic, but this effect is crazy powerful and I do think it is one of the more powerful cards in Magic


With one card, its a wrath of god effect + armaggeddon effect + discard effect. I mean, wow all with 2 mana


Blue has some of the most broken cards in the game, so it’s gonna be hard to pick just one. I’ll go with Mana Drain though.

Designers must have been high when they made this card. Now its even better due to no mana burn


Also too many crazy powerful black cards. I’ll go with this one though

Re-use my black lotus and ancestral recalls? Why yes I will…


Arguably the most broken land in the game. It’s either this or Bazaar of Baghdad or Library of Alexandria but I’ll go with the Academy


Also, too many broken ones to name. I’ll go with this one though. I mean, cmon it may as well be part of the Power Nine, its arguably better than a Mox

Why is it easy to find Westerners obsessed with Japan and Korea, but not China?

  1. China lacks cultural exports because they focus on their domestic market. Korea has kpop, Japan has anime
  2. China is/was communist (even if its in name only) and USA is staunchly anti-communist
  3. Western media always focuses on lack of freedoms, censorships and human rights issues in China rather than the positive sides of China
  4. China is ‘taking away US jobs’ and an evolving superpower
  5. Chinese tourist’s bad reputation certainly doesn’t help