Magic is the best Laker of all time, period

Yeah so now that Kobe’s retiring people are actually debating about whether Kobe, who led the Lakers only 11 out of his 18 years (the rest as a sidekick), and who wanted to be traded from the Lakers at one point, and who captained 4 out of the 6 worst Laker teams of all time, actually is the greatest Laker over Magic! unbelievable. Let me refute this one.

Magic is the greatest Laker of all time, period.
-People on the internet seem to argue that Kobe is the greatest Laker, even tho Magic is clearly the greatest Laker ever.
-Magic had 2 more MVPs, 1 more FMVP, shot 52%, while averaging 20/7/11. Kobe has only 1 MVP, 2 FMVP, shot 45% while averaging 25/5/5. The only thing Kobe is better at is volume shooting. Magic even has a higher FT % than Kobe, with 85%, and Kobe has 83%. This despite Magic being 6’9 and taller people having a harder time shooting FTs.
-Magic/Kareem brought the Lakers to 9 Finals while Kobe only brought the Lakers to 7 Finals. They both brought 5 rings to the Lakers, but Magic did them all while being the leader of his team, while Kobe was a sidekick for his first 3 rings. You would never start a team with Kobe over Magic. If you do, you don’t deserve to talk about basketball anymore.
-here are more arguments people make on the internet for Kobe: Magic played with a better team. Kobe didn’t so he’s better. This argument doesn’t make any sense. How does playing with a better team make someone less great? Maybe Magic was the reason why his teammates were better. Kobe on the other hand played with Shaq in his prime (Magic never played with prime Kareem), and having Gasol, Bynum and Lamar and Fisher those weren’t bad teammates either. He also played with Karl Malone and Gary Payton one year as well, as well as Nash and Howard one year. Kobe was the reason why the Shaqkobe Lakers couldn’t stay together and thats they couldn’t win any more championships. PLUS Magic had those MVPs during the 80s which validate his individual greatness. So this argument that having a better team DOESNT make that person any less great. Period.
-Another argument that Kobe fans make: Magic said that Kobe was the greatest Laker so he must be the greatest Laker. Umm, since when did someone’s opinion make it fact? This plus the fact that Magic and Jerry West are known to be humble unselfish players, unlike Kobe, so would they ever say themselves as the greatest Laker? No of course not, they want to help Kobe out, so they said. It would be rude to say themselves as the greatest, when a current Hall of Famer is playing for the franchise and needs to make the Lakers more money. So that argument is stupid as well. The irony is that when I point out that when Jason Kidd said that Lebron was underrated and better than Kobe, Kobe fans said that just because he said it doesn’t make it true. Talk about a double standard!
-Finally, how can Magic not be the greatest Laker when he’s ranked in the top 5 of most people’s greatest players lists. I’m not talking about current generation Laker fans who would probably rank Kobe right below Jordan, I’m talking about basketball experts who usually put Magic in the top 5 of all players along with Kareem, Russell, Wilt, Bird and Jordan in some order. Magic is always ranked in the top 5. Kobe however is usually ranked in the lower 5 of the top 10, almost always beneath Magic, so how can Kobe be the greatest Laker when Magic is the greater player?

Kobe Bryant is overrated, period. And Lebron/Duncan > Kobe

Alot of people got butthurt when ESPN came out with their rankings and Kobe was *gasp* only #12. I’m not surprised at all, and I mentioned this before, but hey people like to flame me because I have facts and their only response to me not having Kobe top 5 all time is “you don’t know basketball”. So here’s my basketball knowledge:

Kobe bryant is overrated:
-career average: 25/5/5 45% 2P FG 33% FG 3P
-record lowest FG % in Finals: 38% in 2000, and highest: 51% in 2009
-81 point game yes but also against the raptors and took 46 shots
-Kobe in general takes a lot of FGA, 9 times in a game took over 40 shots
-selfish player, ball hog, drove shaq and d-howard away from LA as well as other free agents, wouldn’t take a pay cut in his later years
-1 MVP only, and 2 Finals MVPs if you take off his rings thats his only other hardware
-had good teams for most of his career despite what people say: only 2005-2007 and 2013-present he has crap teams
-5 championships but he won all 5 coached by Phil Jackson and his first 3 rings with Shaq who dominated the playoffs with 30/14 averages
-Lebron has never played with a team as good as Kobe had except when he was in Miami. Duncan played with a washed up Robinson and some late round picks. -He had good role players but so did Kobe. Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Derek Fisher, Robert Horry. Plus hall of famers like Pau Gasol, Karl Malone, Gary Payton, Shaq, D-howard, Nash. Neither Lebron nor Duncan has had the arguably greatest coach of all time, Phil Jackson.
-closest to MJ but very far away from MJ still in terms of everything, stats, awards etc 8 less scoring titles 1 less ring 4 less MVPs/FMVPs lower career stats in every category
-not a good team player, ego drove away Shaq + Howard, took 25 mil salary, prevents young stars from being developed.
-no other top 10 player was a second option or a role player ever in their career.
-lost 2 finals, one on a team full of hall of famers against detroit and one against the celtics losing by the biggest margin in NBA finals history.
-statistically not clutch despite the popular perception that he is

Why is Lebron hated so much?
-because he left to go a team full of other stars? In the salary cap era its hard to start on a team already full of good players like Magic and Bird did. Furthermore, only a few championship teams have ever had only one hall of famer. the 77 Blazers with Walton, 79 supersonics with Dennis Johnson and 94 Rockets with Hakeem come to mind. You could make a case for the 75 Warriors, 04 Pistons and 11 Mavericks as well.
-Kobe and Duncan didn’t have to do this because Kobe did start on a very good team with Shaq and Duncan started on a team with Robinson. Lebron started with nothing and had nothing in the years to come. The cavaliers management gave him nothing.
-His 2-4 record in the finals. first of all, we don’t count finals losses. Jerry West had 8 finals losses and no one calls him out for that. Wilt Chamberlain has the same 2-4 record as Lebron and no one cares about those losses. Second of all, only one of those finals is really Lebrons fault. the 2011 finals he should have won and came up short. That was his fault. But the 07 Cavaliers he carried that team to the finals, remember when he scored 29 of the last 30 points against Detroit that year? and the ’14 Finals D-wade was injured and the Spurs team was just superior that year. Same with last finals, Kyrie irving and kevin love were injured and Lebron took the Warriors to 6 games with averages of 36/14/9. We can’t really say Lebron didn’t try in the finals, cause he did. (except in 2011)
-statistically beats Kobe in every way, FG%, points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks, except for FT% the only area where he trails Kobe.
-Kobe has more rings but I already covered that it wasn’t Lebrons fault he lost 3 of those Finals. And he never had anyone like Prime Shaq or Phil Jackson to help him. He does have 3 more MVPs than Kobe does. There are those people who say that MVPs mean nothing and Kobe was robbed of MVPs when I say this, and imo thats just trying really really hard to be a Kobe fanboy. Kobe never was top 3 in MVP votes except in 2008. Kobe never even deserved the 2008 MVP; it should have gone to CP3. At no point in his career was Kobe actually the best player in the game if we look at WP48 and win shares. Duncan, Shaq and Lebron have held that title throughout Kobes career and arguably even Tmac and Dwade were better than Kobe at some point in their careers.
-more clutch than kobe; stats bear this out
-finally, Lebron attracts free agents to play with him (ray allen mike miller etc) whereas Kobe drives away free agents (melo,aldridge, etc) and took a huge salary increase despite the fact that he was injured which gave the Lakers less salary cap to sign free agents; conversely Lebron took a pay cut while in Miami to play with Chris bosh and D-wade

As a side note, here’s what Kobetards usually say when I compare him to Lebron:
1) Kobe has 5 rings.
2) Kobe’s scoring achivements including 81 point game, and scoring 60 points 5+ times in a row etc
3) Kobe is clutch and has killer instinct
4) Kobe is 5-2 in the finals and Lebron is 2-4.
5) Kobe bled purple and gold
6) Kobe was robbed of MVPs
7) Kobe didn’t need another superstar to win
8) Kobe carried his franchise

1) so what? Russell, Sam Jones, Havlicek, Heinsohn, Kareem, Jordan, Duncan all have 5+ rings no one ever brings up rings as much for them. Why do people always mention Kobe’s rings? Because he has every little other hardware, only 1 MVP and 2 finals mvps are probably not going to be as mentioned as much. And despite that fact that Kobe won 3 out of his 5 rings riding with Shaq. No other top 10 player in NBA rankings has ever been a second option or a role player in their career. Kobe has only been a first option for 8 years of his career and people bring up Kobe’s rings the most out of any player even though he has the least reason to brag about them
2) Kobe’s scoring achievements – he also missed the most shots in NBA history what does that tell you? How many shots did Kobe have to take on 45% efficiency in regular season and 40% in the Finals to get to where he is? What does it tell you about the basketball IQ of a player if he purposely takes difficult shots when easier shots are available or when he could pass to an open player?
3) Kobe is not clutch and has missed the most clutch shots out of any top 10 player. I already mentioned this in my other video, go take a look if you want detailed stats, but you can also google Kobe crunchtime stats if you don’t believe me. Kobe has averaged 40% FG during his Finals performances.
4) Again this is related to Kobe’s rings again, but as I said no one cares about finals losses. Wilt chamberlain has the same record as Lebron, 2-4 in the Finals, are you going to argue that Kobe is better than Wilt? John Havlicek is 8-0 in finals and Jordan is 6-0 you wanna argue that Havlicek was better than Jordan? its ridiculous
5) No he wasn’t. When Kobe had a bad team from 2005-2007 (which was his own doing cause he drove Shaq out), he wanted to be traded, including to the Clippers! how soon people forget.
Kobe has probably the most ignorant fan base out of all sports.
6) Kobe was never robbed of MVPs, he was never top 3 in voting except for the year he did win MVP. If anything, Nash robbed Shaq of MVPs not Kobe.
7) sure he did. Ever heard of Shaq? and Pau Gasol? And without those guys, Kobe has never gotten out of the first round of the playoffs. And he also had Phil Jackson as well
8) Kobe led 4 out of the 6 worst Lakers teams in NBA history, took the leagues highest salary, shot the most bricks in NBA history, the lowest FG% out of any player in the NBA during the last 2 years and his farewell tour prevents young stars from developing.

I’ve already explained why Lebron and Duncan are better in pretty much every way, from stats to efficiency to being less selfish, so I’m done with that. Kobe is ranked fairly here. He is not top 10 all time. I’m ok with Oscar Robertson being higher. I’m assuming ESPN was using advanced metrics like PER and win shares to rank him, which arent favorable to him, which is why he’s ranked even lower than I expected. It also explains why Iverson and Isiah are ranked lower because those are 2 other players that are very overrated by the public because of the ‘eye’ test, leading you to believe a player was better than they actually were.

Youtube finally unbanned me from posting longer videos after 6 months

back in July 2015 I posted a copyrighted audio track and after that strike, YouTube has banned me from posting videos longer than 15min for 6 months. Since I didn’t want to break up my videos into chunks, I waited the 6 months, and now 100 more videos have been uploaded to my channel that I couldn’t post before. Here are some highlights: