I’m not known to spend money wisely…and how I use my facebook

How bad is my spending habits? Well I logged into Mint.com, and took a look – and it ain’t pretty. Here’s where I spending went:

-Kickstarter projects: $1,849 (since 2014)
-Steam games: $2,747 (since 2014)
-Magic online: $333 (since 2011)
-Amazon: $24,892 (since 2011)
-Ebay/Paypal: $14,422 (since 2011)
-SFMTA (parking tickets + scooter towing): $3,987
-Diablo 3: $285
-iTunes (Hearthstone,movies,music,apps): $1,411
-Playstation online games: $400
-Nintendo online games: $350
-AT&T (phone bills): $6,492
-Comcast (internet): $1,640
-Management fee for condo (since 2013): $13,503

Yeah.. thats alot of money spent. Especially on phone bills and parking tickets. Yikes. I usually buy all my computer & guitar stuff and Magic physical cards on eBay so u have an idea of how much I spent there. And everything else on Amazon.

But yeah… 265 Steam games is way overkill. 60+ PS3/PS4 games is overkill. 1000+ magic cards, both physical and online, are overkill. PS Vita/DS games i never play are overkill. I gotta stop spending so much on things I don’t use…

One thing I want to say about me, is that I’m not afraid to share my opinions online, and I’m not afraid of people judging me. That may be the most un-korean thing about me, but I don’t care. I’m not Korean. I’m a mix of Korean thinking and Western thinking. I don’t want to cause any conflict or offend anyone, but since I tend to use my Facebook as my diary to write down my thoughts, some people take issue over that. The thing is I don’t only want to post “happy” things on my Facebook because thats not an accurate depiction of my life. Facebook tracks my life at certain moments in time, and certainly I’m not happy all the time. I want to remember all my emotions, happy, sad, depressed, lonely, etc. so that’s why I write everything online. That’s why I would rather have some controversial posts than to have it be devoid of nothing at all. And despite what some people say, Facebook is not a “public” place. It’s a private place! It’s limited to a circle of people that you let in. It’s not a public blog like this, where everyone and anyone can see it. Facebook posts are private to your friends only unless you make it public. So.. if some people take issue with the fact that I’m brutally honest with my posts, then I’m fine with that, because those people who matter, won’t mind, and those who mind, won’t matter.

All time lakers/celtics vs All time non lakers/celtics
Since the Lakers/Celtics have won approximately half of all the NBA championships I’ve decided to pit the all time combined Lakers/Celtics team against the all time non lakers/celtics players, and the matchup is pretty even according to my NBA 2K simulation runs.. each team wins about half the time against each other. Take a look here:

All Time Lakers-Celtics:

All Time Non-Lakers-Celtics:

My search for a gaming laptop has finally ended + UMPC collection

Ever since I moved to Korea, I’ve been missing my PS3/PS4 and all the gaming sessions I used to have with my friends back in SF. Here, everyone is busy and no one has time to just come over and play a few games. So I’ve been left to my PC games. Unfortunately my main laptop (a Thinkpad X240) comes with a woefully inadequate integrated Intel graphics card for gaming. Thus this whole year I’ve been searching for the right gaming laptop.

And I think I’ve finally found it. I was looking for a 17inch gaming laptop, preferably with Nvidia Gsync, so I did a few hours of research to dig into all these laptops, and found all the issues:

Razer Blade Pro: Thin and great design, but has heating issues, like other thin gaming laptops, plus too expensive.
Aorus X7 Pro: Very powerful for its size including SLI graphics, but again, seems to have heating issues, and too expensive.
Alienware 17: this was one of the strongest contenders because it had a good display, good design, price is reasonable, sound is good, except it was missing Nvidia Gsync… and that may seem like a small picky issue, but it matters when all these laptops are so close in competition. Oh, and the RAM maxes out at 16GB. Hmm.. not that futureproof.
MSI Dominator GT72: Also a very strong contender, good keyboard and speakers and Gsync, but has some minor heating issues and display is not that great.
Lenovo Y70: Cheap, but the GPU is a generation behind, plus no Gsync, so nay.
Acer V Nitro: Cheap, thin, good design, but just not powerful enough, and no Gsync either.
HP Omen: I appreciate HP for making a thin, light gaming laptop, but no 17 inch screen size and lack of expandable RAM is a no no.
Sager NP9773: Sager/Clevo/Gigabyte laptops have incredible specs including a full desktop processor, but the build quality of the chassis is just mediocre.
Boutique makers (OriginPC,Maingear,Puget,FalconNW,AVADirect,Digital Storm,Cyberpower,Ironside,etc) are nice and you can customize literally everything, but the prices are outrageous and they use modified Clevo/Gigabyte chassis, so similar mediocre build quality.

So… notice that I’m leaving one major PC manufacturer from this list. In the end, I decided on:

Asus ROG G751
Asus ROG G751

Yes, the Asus ROG G751. Why? Because all the reviews I read of this laptop seemed to indicate little to no weaknesses at all. Great cooling, no heat issues, great display (w/Gsync), great keyboard, great design. Everything is good, except for mediocre speakers and the bulk (8.6lbs), but thats to be expected of gaming laptops anyway. I do also have a Creative E5 USB DAC/Amp and Sound Blaster Roar 2 speakers, so sound shouldn’t be an issue.

All in all, the Asus seems to be a perfect gaming laptop.
On a side note, my UMPC collection is almost complete.

So far I have:
-Sony Vaio UX280 – Win XP
-Sony Vaio P – Win 10
-Fujitsu U820 – Win 7
-Fujitsu UH900 – Win 10
-Open Pandora – Linux
-OQO Model 2 – Win XP
-Toshiba Libretto W100 – Win 7
-HTC Shift X9500 – Win XP
-Samsung Q1UP – Win XP
-Viliv S5 – Win XP
-Vulcan Flipstart – Win XP

Dell E4200 – Win Vista
Fujitsu P1630 – Win 7
HP Envy 14 Beats – Win 10
Lenovo Flex 20 – Win 8
Razer Edge Pro – Win 8
Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 14 – Win 10
Lenovo Thinkpad X240 – Win 7
Asus ROG G751 – Win 10
Mac Mini – OS X Yosemite

Total: 6 Win XP, 1 Vista, 4 Win 7, 2 Win 8, 5 Win 10, 1 OS X, 1 Linux

All of these I reviewed on my youtube, and all of them run some version of Windows XP or Vista or 7. I am closing in on getting a Vulcan Flipstart (after months of scouring eBay). Then I’ll only be missing a few, the Asus R50A (hard to find), and a few other Korean/Japanese ones, Gigabyte M705, Wibrain, Raon Digital Everun, Hanbit Pepperpad, Kojinsha, Sharp D4, etc.
But I can say now I have the vast majority of UMPCs in my collection :)

edit: I now have the Vulcan Flipstart in my collection which runs Windows XP and is the only UMPC with less than 1GB that I have which means it will stay on Windows XP :). Review will come up eventually.

Fun fact: All of the UMPCs I listed above all come with 1GB of RAM or more, so they can all potentially run Windows 10 (provided I can find working drivers of course). I’m probably going to upgrade all the Atom UMPCs which run Vista to Win 7, and keep the rest (A110/Via/Core Solo) on Win XP. I might upgrade some of them to Windows 10 if the drivers for Win 7 work for them.

More thoughts on current feminist movement and Korea fan obsession

Its interesting that even after I talked about how feminism seems to be undergoing a kind of movement these days, it just keeps on coming. Facebook made the little icon of a friend request ‘equal’, The dismissal of Ellen Pao is thought to be a ‘misogynist’ move, and things that i have no right to have feminism injected into it inevitably does, and this as well.
Oh yeah, and the worst thing about the movie Pixels, is apparently that its misogynist. So getting a woman in return for being a hero is now ‘misogyny’? thats news to me. I mean, yeah Adam Sandler movies are crap, but still… should Super Mario Bros be misogynistic because that one you are saving a damsel in distress right? Basically every movie and game where the woman is not in a position of power (most of them) is now retroactively misogynist. Crazy. Maybe its a reflection of the times. Another example would be Duke Nukem Forever getting criticism for ‘misogyny’ even though that character was acceptable back in the mid 90s.

Look, I realize that across the world women doesn’t have equal rights as men, but do we really need to raise the feminist flag everywhere and anywhere these days? There have been lots of female characters in video games and movies, and tv shows, and cartoons and basically everywhere since the 70s when the second feminist movement occured, yet people are still finding something to complain about. I don’t get it. I realize that Asians are not treated as fairly as whites in the majority of the world, that Asians aren’t well represented in Hollywood or video games or in other media, but I don’t go around complaining about it all the time. Just enjoy the movies and enjoy the games! Its not about some social political issue, cmon.

I think people online vastly overuse the term ‘misogynist’. It means someone who strongly hates women and do hate crimes, sexually assault, stalk, slander, etc targeting specifically women. If your manager mistreats you and he happens to be a guy and you happen to be a girl, that is not misogyny, but many people are just overusing this word now because of the feminist movement going on these days. A show without any females? Misogyny! A movie that has the guy speak more lines than the girl? Misogyny! Facebook friend icon shows the guy in front of the girl? Misogyny! How dare superheroes be mostly men? Misogyny! How about no female Transformers and no female Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mario saving the helpless princess? That all must be changed in the name of female equality! Nintendo must be misogynists! Seriously though, this is how ridiculous it is when you misuse this term.

And the reddit CEO (Ellen Pao) that got fired – cmon, could the firing be because she was banning subreddits and freezing employees salaries due to her own personal social-political motivations? I doubt that all the hate that she got was because she was a woman. Sure, they called her mean names. So what, there are lots of trolls on the internet. People troll others all the time on the internet, man or woman. It wouldn’t have been different if it was a guy. Sure, girls out there feel that she was treated worse than that of a guy, but where’s your proof of that? Do we think women are more sensitive so they have to be treated more ‘nicely’? I don’t understand. We have seen proof of men CEOs resigning in similar situations, such as Brenden Eich as former Mozilla chief. Similar protests have happened against men as well.

Let’s Face it – if anything, men are perceived by society to be ‘stronger’ so they can ‘handle’ more tougher attacks. I don’t think anyone would go around crying about it if it was a guy and he got torched on reddit, because hey its a guy! he can handle the tough attacks! if it’s a girl – oh no, it must be misogynist. Sorry, but I don’t have much pity for a woman who was arguably unqualified to be Reddit CEO in the first place, who makes a lot more money than most people on earth, who has an education and great rights compared to most women on earth, I don’t count her as an example of ‘human misery’.

A study shows that women and men are treated differently when playing video games online.

“The take-home seems to be that, just like bullies, the men most likely to have their position in a hierarchy usurped by a woman turned out to be meaner.”

That makes sense to me, but I don’t think they are ‘bullies’ rather than they are just acting like how males have always acted. Traditionally Males are more dominant, bread winners, etc and we want to be the alpha male. Females are traditionally in a supportive role. Our brains are hard wired this way, thats why so called ‘sexism’ exists in video games. Males and females are treated differently because, well, we are very different. Males and females are *supposed* to be different, thats how our evolution has evolved. So it sucks that so many feminists want us all to be equal when we arent *meant* to be equal. Evolution/God created 2 genders for a reason.

A ‘friend’ of mine argued about this on Facebook and called her ‘suffering’. Please. This ain’t North Korea. Its nowhere close. and ‘fatppl’ hate – I just learned this term recently and although I don’t agree with cyberbullying, I do agree that people shouldn’t be ‘fat and proud’. Yeah – I realize that gays can marry now and this is the era of self expression but cmon! Obesity is a disease, people. That’s like saying, ‘I have Schizophrenia and I’m proud’ or ‘I have AIDS and I’m proud’. It’s not just a matter of appearance – Obesity’s side effects will eventually kill you. So yeah you can be ‘proud’ of being fat – until you suffer a heart attack and die, that is.

Another thing I want to say is that, wow most of the foreigners I met in Korea go into two groups – guys who are here because they want to pick up girls – and girls who are here because they expected some handsome sweet Korean guy from their fantasies. Can we say people are kind of delusional? Korea has great marketing for its stars – other Asian countries just can’t compete.
They are so good at it that a large amount of women across the world falsely believe that since guys on Korean dramas and Korean pop are portrayed as sweet and handsome (cause you know, they were hand picked by people and trained to read scripts), that all Korean guys must be like that as well!
Is there any co-relation at all? That’s like saying every guy in America looks like Brad Pitt and every girl looks like Jessica Alba. Oh, if only that were the case. I live in Korea so I can say, if you are coming to Korea because you expect some Prince Korean Charming – prepare to be disappointed.
There are even cases where a Korean pop star abused his girlfriend and fans are still defending him because oh he can’t possibly be flawed since he is a kpop star and therefore perfect? am I right? Oh you mean kpop stars all had plastic surgery and are normal, regular emotional people, yeah. Ridiculous.

These kind of posts are what I’m talking about. Apparently kpop fans are so obsessed that they routinely stalk, make up rumors, spread lies, and hate on other ‘rival’ kpop stars just for liking a kpop star they want to keep for ‘themselves’! isn’t that ridiculous? Apparently there are certain stars that certain other stars can and cannot date, according to kpop fans. Nevermind that they are you know, actual humans that can make their own dating decisions for themselves. This doesn’t happen to american pop fans trust me.. Taylor Swift can date John Mayer and she’s not gonna receive ‘hate’ or blog comments for it…

That’s all I wanted to rant about today. In other news, I made playlists for my Youtube since I am at 1000+ subscribers, 500+ videos, and almost 5 millions views now.

Guitar videos
Let’s play! videos
Gadget reviews